Back home after our short weekend trip

Then we are back home after our trip to the forest. The kids had good speed on their skis on our way home. They might have been pushed by the chilling northern wind we had as company. Even though we had snow and freezing northern winds, we had a very nice trip. We had a great night in our sleeping bags under a shelter to keep the snow away from our faces. That worked very fine, we slept all night and even had a late morning. The campfire gave us warmth and light in the dark last night as we just sat and chatted about life and all that is between.  We also tried some ice fishing, but we didn’t have any luck, I guess the fish had. There was a bit to windy to stay to long on the ice, so we hope for better fishing conditions next trip. We also went tracking, tried to find where our neighbouring hare had its day shelter. We tracked it for a while but could not find it. But now we know where not to look the next time. The boys are becoming more and more woodsmen. They start to move around by them self, if they start to get cold. We had to re-heat some feet by the fire, but that is just a good excuse to have another cup of cocoa for the kids.

The boys in their sleeping bags. They know how to keep warm
Mastering the art of skiing

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