First blog post

Hello! And welcome to our first blog post! On this blog you can follow us on our trips into the Norwegian forest. We will be doing day trips and also longer trips, mostly over the weekends, but longer when we have holidays. You can follow us here through the changing seasons, and just as us, learn how to enjoy staying outside in every weather conditions, from chilling winter weather to warm and lazy summer days. Since its the middle of january now, we will start with the chill. This weekend, we will be doing a “near trip”, which we will be doing the most, since we live just a few meters from the forest. When i look at the weather forecast for this weekend, we will have to dress properly to keep the cold outside, since there is a chance to drop to -15 C. So it will be exiting to see if the kids want to sleep under the stars or if they choose to sleep in our lavoo with an oven in it. My guess, they choose the latter. We will try to update the blog when we are out on our trips, if there is cellular coverage. Hope you will join us on our adventures.

  • Kid and campfire

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