Going back to one of our favorite spots.

This weekend we are thinking of going to one of our favorite places. It is a great place for a camping trip. When we are lucky with the weather, its awesome with an old fort dated back about 1500 years and a great view.

A picture taken in the fall from the place we are going to this weekend. Now its snow on it and great slope to ski and sled.

Its about a 3 km hike from where we park our car to where we are going to camp. We might bring our skis, but if there’s no tracks to it we might walk on foot. On our way in it is almost only uphill and some of the hills are very steep. So even if we use skis, I am almost certain we have to go on foot on some part of the trip. Hopefully we will get below 0C(32F) on our hike up there so we don’t sink to much down in soggy snow. Then 3 km can be pretty long. When we get there, we will set up camp inside the old fort, but we will have to make the campfire outside, so we don’t leave any marks on the old site. The fort is not to big so I set a tarp over it and we have great shelter. The plan is to stay there for 1 night, and then go to a lake to try some ice fishing again, Let’s hope we can try some this weekend, since we have not had any luck the last couple of weekends.

Here is one little fellow in the entrance of the fort we are going to camp in. This is from last fall, now its about 50 cm of snow there.

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