It`s getting warmer this weekend!

It`s getting warmer this weekend, so we are planning a weekend on the ice. Our plan this weekend is to camp by a small lake, which is a good place to catch trout. And since the temperature is getting better, we can spend some quality time on the ice, without having to try to keep warm by moving or sitting by the campfire. The kids and I looked over the fishing equipment yesterday, we noticed that some of the fishing line was getting old and snapped to easy, so awe had to change them. We agreed that it would be bad if we lost fish from faulty gear. So according to the boys, now there is no limit how big fish we can catch.They might have a little bit to high hopes about our possible catch. We still have to bring the winter sleeping bags, since it might be down to -7 or so, spring is not here just yet, but we might come closer to it. We have stayed by the same small lake the past weekends, but now we are changing location to one of our favorite summer locations. The boys are still in their start phase of doing cross-country skiing, so it might be a tough trip for them since there is a lot of steep passages. But with enough encouragement, time and chocolate I think we will have a great trip.

An ice fisher in prospective

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