Music of a winter night

When sleeping outdoors in the winter it might be almost completely silent, maybe only the soft sound of falling snowflakes on your tent or sleeping bag. But sometimes the forest are filled with music. When you hear it for the first time, it might be a little scary, but you soon learn to like and love the sound. The sound I’m writing about is the music from the ice one the lakes and the crackling of the trees. If you are so lucky to experience this you don’t want to sleep. Its hard to describe, but I will try. The sound of the ice can be a long rumbling bass sound or a long crackle, even a long zing. The trees join this choir with its creaking and cracking sound. . Together, this make a wonderful symphony. This music are made from the growing ice and the trees that are drying up. We had a little bit of this on our last trip, but it is at its strongest when its below -25 C. I see that this can be hard to imaging just by reading, so I hope we will be lucky to record it sometime, so you can hear it, and want to go out and experience it for your self.

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