The love of nature

As a family, we love to use nature as a playground. There are unlimited things to do and see, so even if we live for hundreds of years there will still be things to explore. Unless we destroy before that. What is better than to wake up by the early morning rays of the sun through the trees or the smell of the morning mist over the lake. We have to take care of the nature around us. We try to do our share in our community by recycling and not to throw garbage in nature. We also pick up garbage we find on our trips, it should not be our responsibility, but if we do it, maybe others will follow and hopefully, people will stop throwing things in nature that does not belong there. To clean up after yourself is something we should do in respect, both of nature and for the generations to come after us.  I see this as saving our world one small step at a time.If we all do our tiny little share, we can enjoy being in nature for millennia to come. And this leads me to what we do when we are camping in nature. There are only two things we leave at the campsite and the forest when we leave it. That is a “thank you” and nothing.

The camp after our visit. We just have to leave nothing and a thank you.

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