What we do on our trips

There’s so much to do and so little time. Camping I the forest is time consuming, especially for the camp boss. But as soon as the shelter or camp is ready, you can go play with the kids or go fishing. As long there is daylight we can go exploring around the camp site. We always find something around camp, it can be an awesome ice crystal from a frozen stream or a tree that a woodpecker has made a giant hole in to get to the delicious beetles or worms deep inside it. In the winter, when you have your skies, it’s easy to make a track and have a race, or make as ski jump and see who can jump the longest.Other snow related things to do is to make a maze on an open area like a lake and try to catch each other without stepping outside of the track. Both fun and warming.  There is so much fun things to do, so it’s impossible to get bored. And to let the kids explore and go on adventures and letting them be the leader is something they really grow on. You just tag along asking questions, and maybe give an advice from time to time.

Checking out a hole made by a woodpecker

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