What you’ll need for winter camping, part 5

In this part I will go trough what you must have in your back pack. These are items you might need all the time or the things you hopefully never need to use. The things you absolutely need to take with you is almost the same no matter what season you go camping. First of all you need a first aid kit. The kit should have all the basics like, plasters of different sizes(I prefer plaster I can cut to the size i want),something to treat burns with, antiseptic wipes, 2 rolls of sterile gauze, scissor, safety pins and last but not least a roll of sports tape. This is what I would have as a minimum. This is enough if you know your limits and can endure some discomfort until you can get professional help. Other things I have in my first aid kit is: pain killers,( I have four 500 mg paracetamol tablets) and a painkiller ointment like xylocain, Another thing that is good to have is a simple sowing set, just a needle and some thread. I also have some batteries for one of my flashlights if they should go out.

My primary first aid kit. I have others, but this is the one I bring with me the most.

First of all you need a knife. I use a Ka-bar knife myself, its good for regular cutting of things and it can be use as chopping down small trees and bushes. But any good quality all purpose knife will do.

A thing that is a must have is a multi tool  like a Leatherman or similar. I recommend to go for a good quality brand, because my experience have showed me that lots of the cheap unbranded ones have a tendency to break when you need them the most. You don`t  need the multi tool with all the fancy features, go for a simple one with a knife, saw, file and a good pliers. In know most multi tools have more features, but these are the things I use on mine the most. The multi tool work as an all-round tool, so if you lose your knife or saw you still have something in back-up.

Here is one of my multi tools. This is from SOG, it’s simple but useful and sturdy.

An axe is also a must, get a small lightweight one. There is always a saw in my backpack, the saw is also small and lightweight. I prefer a foldable one. These kind of saw takes up little space, are safe when they are folded, and are lightweight. They are maybe not the best to saw big trees or to forage wood for the winter but they are great for camping.

The last thing that you need to have in your backpack is some rope. I have 10 meter of 5 mm nylon rope and that has been sufficient for my needs.

I will write more thorough on every article in later posts. Hope you find my writing useful and interesting.

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