What you’ll need for wintercamping, part 1.

Wintercamping is very rewarding. You get to see nature as its sleeping, in wait for the festivities of spring, and you get a great feeling of achivement as wintercamping is something not all people do. So, what do you need to sleep reasonably comfortable? First of all you’ll need a good sleeping pad. I use sleeping pads that are 2 cm thick and made of a dense foam material, these are lightweight and can be used directly on snow or frozen ground. Second is a good sleeping bag. Our winter sleeping bags are either pure winter bags, that are great to keep you warm, but they are heavy and bulky. We also use 3 season bags, they work fine, but you’ll need a extra layer on the outside to keep warm when the temperature drop. We use a bag called Jerven bag, which I think is an invaluble piece in our equipment. The winter bags should have a comfortable temperature at -10 C. Then its possible to use to at lower temperatures to, but it probably won’t be comfortable without some extra insulation like the Jerven bag or something similar. As it can be cold in the winter, wintercamping is not without risk. There is a chance for frostbite and hypothermia. So if you are new to wintercamping I recommend to start with bringing your sleep pad and bag out in the backyard so you can get used to the feeling of sleeping out in the cold and to get inside if you get to cold. We still do backyard camping, it’s a great way to test out new equipment or just hone our skills.

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